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Our team are experts in trading financial products and also coding Indicators and Expert Advisors for MT4 and MT5; We create our own systems and automated analytical trading software for MT4 and MT5 as well as automatic trading signals for other traders; With over a decade of trading on the stock market from Germany to Vietnam, we are as passionate traders for this financial market and inspired by our passion for naming of this Website, namely  TradingScenes; TradingScenes to understand in a figurative meaning of immersing into the market, moving with the market, Sensing the market and of course we can understand many other aspects in a wider range.

In order to move with the market and feel it, traders need to have a market experience for a long time and they also need methods and tools to access and understand the market in every particular time and contexts, because the market is as a Whole, in which each trading product (such as Forex, Gold, Securities etc) in the market is a part of the market but has different characteristics to a particular time, due to the political and economic context affecting the psychological behavior of the market participants.

Each trading method is a tool to read the above developments and characteristics, if the person applies it properly and effectively, then one can profit from these. We have an above average experience than lots of other investors and traders and arrived at the conclusion that to read between the lines of the market conditions at every particular time will be the decisive point of success. However, each method of analysis has its limits on its performance, or it has not been fully used by its users.

TradingScenes with its own skills and styles have promoted and applied market trading and analysis methods with Elliott Wave and Market Profile as well as methods of determining market trends very effectively and simply. Especially, we integrate our experience in technology as well as trading possibilities as an ecosystem for other traders as following:

  • The system provides trading signals at the section: Member’s area with daily detailed analysis for Foreign Exchange, Gold, Crude Oil, Derivatives Stock Index. Member’s area is for 03 Customer groups, Active group (Active), this group receives two free products of EUR / USD and AUD / USD with analytical quality like VIP customers and Platinum; VIP & Platinum clients groups are more diverse in terms of categories and quantity of products. All financial products we provide will be analyzed from time frames from M15 to W1 including technical analysis charts and Videos with Elliott Wave Method and Market Profile as well as the combination with fundamental analysis, and market psychology and especially our own skills and experience with the market over a decade. We also create systems that automatically push signals and reports to the web and our telegram channel: t/me/tradingscenes.
  • Franchising the signal system,
  • Market analysis report and technical and basic analysis,
  • Free courses are built with video syllabus and systematically follow the distance learning online standard at: Course
  • Advanced courses available for trend analysis courses, Elliott Wave, Market Profile, Swing trading,
  • Online training platform for teachers with different subjects according to their own specialties and majors, register with us to share knowledge for the community!
  • Is a play place for market analysts to post and share their views and knowledge.

Our TradingScenes team is happy to accompany you in every movement of the market. Thank you to  all our customers for always caring and supporting us all the time!


TradingScenes Team


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