DE30 Technical Analysis on 02/03/2020


DE30 Technical Analysis on 02/03/2020


Technical Analysis


Trending Directions

Product: DE30


M30: Up

H4: Down

D1: Down

W1: Down

For a long scenario for a short term trading strategy, it is to see that DE30 did make a swing lows from the price zones from 11,723.xx points to 11,798.xx points, whereby a swing highs was also to see at 11,943.xx points to 12,019.xx points, so that after a sharp down move, DE30 slowly starts attempting to accumulate from its lows. At M30 TF, we have currently the supply zone at 12,150. xx points, a breakout from that supply zone could bring DE30 anew up momentum and lead the price action for a bounce, so that 12,500. xx to 12,570. xx points are probably to reach.

For a short scenario, the current support levels at the above-mentioned swing lows (11,723. xx points to 11,798. xx points) should be broken down, thus it is to expect that 11,694.xx-11,431.xx will be the next strong support areas for DE30.

Take your look at the depicted chart below for more info:


We will keep monitoring the next market moves with DE30 on time.

Trade well!


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