GBPUSD technical analysis on 04/04/2020


GBPUSD technical analysis on 04/04/2020

GBPUSD technical analysis on 30/03/2020

Product: GBP/USD

Trend directions of the Time frames:

H4: Up

D1: Dn

W1: Dn

MN1: Dn

TA methods: EW

The chart in details:

H4 TF:

  1. met weekly resistance between 1.2367x-1.25885 (50.0% fibs and 61.8% fibs;
  2. in retracement to the 1.214x price handle (weekly support at 38.2% fibs);
  3. support zone with a range from 1.1987-1.214x is to see in the upcoming days;
  4. keep watching the price actions at that above-mentioned support zone;
  5. Resistance zone is immediately to see at 1.2362;
  6. if H4 candle closed above that 1.237x price handle and find support there, looking for a upward momentum to reach 1.258x.
  7. extended C in minor degree, ext. to 1.2217 (138.2% fibs);
  8. looking for a simple zigzag to meet the resistance at H4 trendline@1.234x-1.235x (50.0% fibs weekly);

M20 TF:

    Trade well!
    Tradingscenes team

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